Certified Notion Consultant & Expert.

Certified Notion Consultant & Expert.

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Hi, I'm Frances Odera Matthews, Founder of The Notion Bar

I'm a Certified Notion Consultant, Coach (Private & Group) & Template Builder, working remotely in the UK.

As a Notion Expert, I basically add sanity into your professional and/or personal life by unpacking your problems and building out bespoke digital solutions on Notion.

I know how teams/people 'work' - I'm a seasoned design-thinker with project management experience in many industries. I'm also passionate about advocating for underexposed tech communities

I specialise in Notion dashboards, products, templates and werkflows optimised for UI and UX. I build mass-market and bespoke digital solutions/products that extend what Notion should look like, feel like and be!

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Did you know people want to work at companies that use Notion?

Time to invest in your tools!

"The Virtual Office"

Bespoke project management/intranet systems for start-ups & agencies

Replaces and/or integrates with Google Drive, Gmail, Slack, Confluence, ClickUp, DropBox, Trello, Asana, JIRA...

Why should you/your team's project management/operations system be 'off-the-rack' and lack a personality, when the goods and services you offer don't?

With a 'real' office, you can spend so much time and money hiring an interior designer, picking out the paint colour and buying the right equipment, to make it 'feel like you', so you want to go in every day.

Why wouldn't you do the same for your digital workspace?

I take that same care and attention to detail to build you a virtual office that will give you the same confidence every time you open it up

Using best-practice Notion UI/UX, I gather your requirements to create bespoke digital workspaces. Not only do these systems simplify your life, I'll brand them with your colours/imagery/style to make it feel like "you"


Benefits of a Notion "Virtual Office" for you/your team?

  • Saves money  by reducing your tech stack
  • Saves hours per week  by having all files, SOPs, tasks, projects, resources, meeting notes and contacts etc in one place
  • Increases the time you spend creating and connecting with clients
  • Grows with your workflow by moulding around it, instead of changing PM tools every few years
  • Less meetings guaranteed as it encourages asynchronous working
  • Clarifies who's working on what across internal/external projects
  • Automates your workflow and creates dashboards in one-click (video example)

"All my clients access a dedicated portal for communication, recordings and project management "

Don't need a full " Virtual Office"?

I can still help you with some of these mini-projects:

  • Build onboarding flows
  • Build SOPs & Wikis
  • Build presentations & decks inside of Notion
  • Build investor portals
  • Clean up existing workflows
  • Migrate data from other platforms
  • Build client portals
  • + more!


🚧 Areas of this site are still under construction - thanks for your patience while I clean things up 🚧

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