The Digital Product Builder.

The Digital Product Builder.

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Helping brands and influencers earn passively with custom Notion products
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Hi, I'm Frances Odera Matthews, Founder of The Notion Bar

I'm a Certified Notion Consultant, Coach (Private & Group) & Template Builder, working remotely in the UK.

As a Notion Expert, I basically add sanity into your professional and/or personal life by unpacking your problems and building out bespoke digital solutions on Notion.

I know how teams/people 'work' - I'm a seasoned design-thinker with project management experience in many industries. I'm also passionate about advocating for underexposed tech communities

I specialise in Notion dashboards, products, templates and werkflows optimised for UI and UX. I build mass-market and bespoke digital solutions/products that extend what Notion should look like, feel like and be!

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What are the benefits of digital products vs. physical products and who should have one?

  • No expiry date
  • No revenue ceiling

Why is Notion a great tool for digital products?

  • Embed almost anything
  • Create mini-apps

Examples of digital products that can be built on Notion:

  • E-Books
  • Digital Magazines
  • Recipe Books
  • Travel Guides
  • Workout Plans
  • Mini-Courses
  • Exlusive Behind the Scenes Footage
  • Exclusive content for paid subscribers


How can we work together?

Maybe you're an Instagram chef, YouTube Vlogger, Personal Trainer, Lifestyle Coach - or you know a lot about something like... herbal rememdies, that you'd love to create a guide to and share! I can transform your content into a Notion product tht you can share on the internet and start making passive income today

Here's some collaboration work I've done in the past!


🚧 Areas of this site are still under construction - thanks for your patience while I clean things up 🚧

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