Love Island 2021 Daily Updates 
| Aesthetic Notion Template Download

Love Island 2021 Daily Updates | Aesthetic Notion Template Download

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Calling all Love Island fans!


"Calling all past, present & Love Island UK fans explorers - a Notion dashboard tracking all the updates and contestants from Season 6 (Summer 2021)"

Blogging and tracking all the scandals that happen with the power of Notion databases - daily updates for 2021's season of Love Island!

Hi, I'm Frances Odera Matthews, Founder of The Notion Bar

I'm a Certified Notion Consultant, Coach & Template Builder, working remotely in the UK.

I know how teams/people 'work' - I'm a seasoned design-thinker with project management experience across many verticals. I'm also passionate about advocating for underexposed tech communities

As a Notion Expert, I specialise in Notion dashboards, products, templates and workflows optimised for UI and UX. I build mass-market and bespoke digital solutions/products that extend what Notion should look like, feel like and be.

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