Ultimate List of 50+ Notion Templates - Notion Starter Guide

Ultimate List of 50+ Notion Templates - Notion Starter Guide

September 14, 2021
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All the Notion templates you could ever need - made by creators from all over the world Notion Templates for personal use, students, business & more!
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What can Notion be used for?

This is the ultimate list of Notion templates for Notion beginners and long-time users who are either looking or how to get started on their Notion journey or just need some inspiration

There are many use cases for Notion. One of the most common questions I get as a Notion Consultant/Coach is ‘can I use Notion for ____?’. The answer is probably.

The beauty of Notion is it lets you build no-code custom software/templates around your process/information, instead of forcing them into a pre-built software system. Think ‘tech Lego’.

The Notion 'template industry' is booming with new templates popping up everyday. I've created this list of templates below of paid and pay-what-you-want templates. This list contains mix of my templates and affiliate links from other Notion creators

Notion template creators spend hours creating their templates, so if you're able to donate a little to their work please do! ♥️

How do you duplicate (download) Notion templates?

'Duplicate' is just another word for 'download' in the Notion world. Once you've added the Notion templates below to your basket (see instructions below), a link will be emailed to you.

Once you open the Notion link, click the duplicate button in the top-right of the screen and it will copy the template into your Notion workspace. If you're not logged into Notion already, Notion at this stage will prompt you to sign in or make a free account

Step One: Click on each link - this will open a pop-up or external window

Step Two: Look at the preview images and description of the template

Step Three: Add the download to your cart, repeat & checkout

Want your template on this list? Add submit@thenotionbar.com to your affiliates for paid or donation-based templates in Gumroad or Flurly - you can choose the % (email me too once you've done this!)

Student Notion Templates

  1. Aesthetic Student Dashboard - Semester Planner/Tracker Notion Template
  2. Simple College/University Student Dashboard Notion Template
  3. Medical School Student Dashboard Notion Template (affiliate)
  4. Medical School Student Dashboard Notion Template - Sailor Moon Edition (affiliate)

Personal Notion Templates

  1. 99 Easy Sustainability Swaps Dashboard Notion Template
  2. Astrology Notion Templates (affiliate)
  3. Bookmarks Manager Notion Template (affiliate)
  4. Concert Wishlist Notion Template
  5. Date Ideas Planner & Dashboard Notion Template
  6. Getting Things Done Notion Template (affiliate)
  7. Goal Tracker Notion Template (affiliate)
  8. Goal Tracker Notion Template - Advanced (affiliate)
  9. Gratitude Journal Notion Template
  10. Habit Tracker Notion Template (affiliate)
  11. House Hunting Notion Template (affiliate)
  12. Link Manager Notion Template (affiliate)
  13. Meal Planner Notion Template (affiliate)
  14. Mileage Calculator Notion Template (affiliate)
  15. Notion Creative Project Ideas & Skills Hub
  16. Online Delivery Manager Notion Template
  17. Personal CRM & Relationships Tracker Notion Template
  18. Personal Reading Roadmap Notion Template
  19. Shopping/Groceries List Manager Notion Template
  20. Skincare Diary Notion Template
  21. Tarot Card Notion Template (affiliate)
  22. To-Do List Notion Template (affiliate)
  23. Wardrobe Organiser (affiliate)
  24. Wedding Planner Notion Template (affiliate)
  25. Wedding Planner Notion Template - Couples Edition (affiliate)
  26. Wedding Planner Notion Template - Light Edition (affiliate)

Travel Notion Templates

  1. Travel Bucket List, Trip Planner & Scratch Map Notion Template

E-Card Notion Templates

  1. Holiday Greeting Card/ E-Card Notion Template
  2. Valentine's Day E-Card Notion Template

Writing Notion Templates

  1. Album Review Notion Template
  2. Magazine Notion Template (Notion-Zine)
  3. Magazine Layout Template - Notion Magazine - Notion Template
  4. Notion Blog Layout - Who are you anyway (affiliate)

Finance Notion Templates

  1. Finance Tracker Notion Template (affiliate)
  2. Investment Tracker Notion Template (affiliate)
  3. Invoice Notion Template (affiliate)

Professional Notion Templates

  1. 100 + No Code Tools Notion Template (affiliate)
  2. 200+ Startup Resources Notion Template (affiliate)
  3. Advanced Business CRM Notion Template (affiliate)
  4. Airbnb Super Pack Notion Template (affiliate)
  5. Brand Assets Notion Template (affiliate)
  6. Bug Report/Incident Management Notion Template (affiliate)
  7. Business Model & Lean Canvas Notion Template (affiliate)
  8. Client Onboarding Portal Notion Template
  9. Code Snippets Manager Notion Template (affiliate)
  10. Company Home Notion Template (affiliate)
  11. Company Press Page (affiliate)
  12. Content Creation Process Notion Template (affiliate)
  13. Content Marketing Checklist Notion Template (affiliate)
  14. Continuous Performance Management Notion Template (affiliate)
  15. Customer Journey Map Notion Template (affiliate)
  16. Digital CV/Portfolio/Resume Notion Template
  17. Fashion Portal & Pitch Presentation Notion Template
  18. Founder Dashboard Notion Template (affiliate)
  19. Freelance Operating System Notion Template (affiliate)
  20. Jira Alternative Notion Template (affiliate)
  21. Notion Startup OS (affiliate)
  22. Notion Creator Course Notion Template (affiliate)
  23. OKRs Notion Template (affiliate)
  24. Online Meeting Scheduler Notion Template (affiliate)
  25. Press Page Notion Template (affiliate)
  26. Product HQ (Product Design) Notion Template (affiliate)
  27. Project Management Template (affiliate)
  28. Scrum Process Management Notion Template (affiliate)
  29. SEO Growth Kit Notion Template (affiliate)
  30. Startup Unicorns List Notion Template
  31. Team Profile (inspired by British Vogue)
  32. Twitter Swipe File Notion Template (affiliate)
  33. User Research Notion Template (affiliate)

Pop Culture Notion Templates

  1. Quiz Notion Template (Gen-Z vs Millennial)
  2. The Hill We Climb - Amanda Gorman Notion Template
  3. Schitt's Creek Quotes & GIFs Notion Template
  4. Ultimate Black British History Reading List Notion Template
  5. GUAP 30 Under 30 Notion Template

Gaming Notion Templates

  1. Overwatch Gaming Dashboard Notion Template (affiliate)

Music Notion Templates

  1. Song Organisation Notion Template (affiliate)
  2. Visual Album Notion Template - Beyoncé (The Platinum Edition)
  3. Visual Album Notion Template - Channel Orange

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